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Maximizing wasted resources is what we love doing the most

EVO3D. The evolution of love, for the environment.

Co-founded by Emmanuel Nwanja & Peculiar Richard in 2021, EVO3D is a waste recycling company rooted in the belief that nothing is wasted as long as we can be creative enough to find new use for it. They developed a smart, intuitive, patent-pending technology and business model that offers maximum lifecycle value for materials, especially plastics, preventing waste pollution and environmental degradation while providing an ecosystem that makes proper waste disposal profitable for consumers, retailers, recyclers, and manufacturers.

How EVO3D Works

Our process features a Direct-to-You system that is perfectly designed to provide you with your most pressing needs – all from waste. 

Our chain of support members across various locations help collect, package, and channel your waste to the appropriate parties. With each passing day, our team continues to evolve our offerings in exchange for your waste.

  • What you do get: Less bills to pay, clean environment, better ESG scores, and an ever-evolving community benefits. Help us save the planet and reduce plastic waste pollution. Enjoy paying bills with your trash and live better for the environment!
  • What you don’t get: No waste plastic bags. No waste plastic bottles. No littered environment. No blocked drainages. No marine plastic pollution. 

Why EVO3D?

Let’s talk waste, pollution, and unhealthy environments.

Who can join the EVOlution?

All who generate or recycle solid wastes such as plastic or paper, and institutions who wish to build great ESG reputations 

  • Youths
  • Adults
  • Dealers
  • Manufacturers
  • Governments

How does EVO3D help youths?

  • Never dump a piece of plastic again! With our structure of operations, you can earn from trash and save more of your income,  because your trash record can now pay your bills.

How does EVO3D help retailers & manufacturers?

  • An improved Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) score, free-publicity, and more returning customers. For all your products or for one of many, our system is designed to grow your business and better our world.

How does EVO3D help recycling companies?

  • Recyclables. Plastic wastes. Your target numbers. We know that you will appreciate all the support you can get in your journey as a recycling company  that’s why we collaborate to help achieve your goals.

Our Key Priorities

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Green Energy

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No Plastic

No Plastic

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The Story Behind Our Movement

We were undergraduates when the evolution began. School was fun until we discovered that our school annually produced over 20,000 kilograms of plastic waste. This hit us hard because continuing in this direction, would mean No Future for the next generation as pollution continues to reduce life expectancy, especially in Africa. Our society will continue to produce waste, so we designed a system that allow us to creatively reevaluate and reinstate the value of “trash” to avoid wastage of material potentials and pollution.

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Our Team

Amazing young people leading the charge for Africa’s circular economy.

Emmanuel Nwanja


Peculiar Richard


Franklin Uka

Tech Lead

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